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Rinnai 7.1kw Slim Ducted Multi Split System DINSD701M


Compact & space saving in design, the Rinnai Slim Ducted and Compact Cassette indoor units are ideal for tight spaces.

Hidden away in a bulkhead or ceiling cavity, the Slim Ducted indoor unit operates quietly, so its out of sight and out of mind.

Slim Ducteds include Programmable wired wall controller and condensate drain pump.

Indoor Model: DINSD701M

Outdoor Model: MON3H071

Controller: Wired Controller – 12m Cable

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Wi-Fi Control**

Set your favourite temperature from anywhere and come home to ultimate comfort with our intuitive Android or
Apple App. Wi-Fi comes standard with the Wall Mounted Split System and as optional extra with the Slim Ducted
and Compact Cassette units.

Turbo Function†

Quickly cool in summer or swiftly warm in winter

Sleep Mode†

Designed to control the temperature overnight to ensure high quality, comfortable sleep. Traditional sleep mode temperature control is one way; however our intelligent sleep mode system operates on two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures.

Auto Restart

Auto restart function in case of an electrical power outage provides you with complete peace of mind.

Super Fine Filter†

Provides extra protection by keeping fine particles out of the home and providing clean, cool air.


Designed to work around your lifestyle. Once set, the system will turn on and off at the specified times of the day, ensuring you wake up and come home to the perfect conditions.


*For full terms & conditions visit
**Standard feature in Wall Mounted Split System & optional in Slim Ducted & Compact Cassette
†Available in Wall Mounted Split System only

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Weight106 kg
Dimensions81 × 131 × 106 cm

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