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How air conditioning can help improve work performance

Air conditioning makes life easier for us and it also brings many benefits to our life at home and to our life at the office. Independently of the type of air conditioning you choose for your business, they have many advantages.

It is easy to recognize offices and workplaces in which, unfortunately, there is not a good environment and not necessarily referring to the relationships between the different workers, but the temperature and airflow at the office and that’s a mistake, as air quality has a great impact on people indoors.

Maybe you are wondering what kind of impact it has. The reality is that poor air quality can worsen mood, performance, and also lead to illness and irritability. To solve it, the best option is to have great ventilation at work. This means that a good air conditioning system can help and a lot to the workers and the company.

According to scientists from the Technical University of Denmark, good air quality can improve productivity by 10%. Certainly, a great reason why it is advisable to invest in air conditioning is that in the long run, it has more benefits despite the cost of installation.

However, the main reason why an air conditioning system is necessary for workplaces is for the health of the workers, which is also positive for the business owners since air conditioning air helps prevent diseases and also leads to fewer illnesses, which also means a decrease in sick leave.

What can happen in a work building if there is not good ventilation?

If your office has not had good ventilation you can feel exhaustion, worse cognitive abilities, and it can even increase the possibility of allergic reactions. It can also lead to general tiredness, headaches, throat irritation and stinging in the eyes.

Indoor air quality in work environments is largely dependent on workplace ventilation. Mechanical systems can combat the main air pollutants that can originate in working areas. Typically, the main causes of poor quality air at work are:

  • The location of the building. If it is located near large avenues or highways, the property can be affected by many sources of dust and particles.
  • Dangerous materials. Certain types of indoor plastics and specific materials can worsen air quality and be harmful to your health.
  • Poor air circulation. If it is not ventilated well, an indoor room can create what is known as stale air, which would significantly affect the health of workers.
  • Indoor air quality is highly dependent on the ventilation system and its ability to replace low-quality air with fresh air. This means air conditioning can prevent moisture and eliminate the presence of pollutants in the air. In addition, it may be able to improve the energy efficiency of the building and also offer more sustainable climate control.

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Improve ventilation at work and in industrial environments

Ventilation in offices is very important, but in other professional environments, air quality can be even more problematic. For example, ventilation in industrial environments. In addition, the industry generates a lot of heat and humidity, so they have to be kept on a reasonable scale.

In both harsh professional environments and offices, ventilation at work can be ensured by the following actions in addition to air conditioning:

  • Minimize processes that generate heat and produce water vapour. For example, screens that can be used in front of heat sources.
  • Increase indoor air renewal and circulation if it gets dirty frequently
  • In the case of offices, the installation of reverse cycle air conditioning can help you renew the air, help combat low temperatures in winter and heat in summer.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning also blows constantly filtered air. In no case does the Remember that all the air is filtered, so you can breathe better indoors than outdoors.
  • The indoor temperature should not be very high in winter or very low in summer.

What are the benefits of air conditioning for offices, workshops, offices, factories and shops?

Improve the comfort of your employees

If in the workplace the cold is intense or the heat is excessive, the comfort level of the employee’s decreases and this affects their work performance. An employee who works in an uncomfortable place produces less and it can affect the business.

Reduces the presence of insects and parasites

A good air conditioning system reduces the presence of parasites and insects in the environment. These animals do not like low temperatures and that is why if you want your office to be free of mosquitoes choosing to install a good air conditioning system is a smart move.

Reduces hydration needs

In a very hot work environment, people’s sweating increases and therefore, their need for hydration increases. If you do not want to dehydrate or see your workers suffering from dehydration the best you can do is have air conditioning at work, mainly when the summer heat gets intense. In this way, the air conditioning will improve the efficiency of your staff.

Fewer allergies

An air conditioning system incorporates filters, so in this way, if there are people allergic to pollen or other particles, it is very useful especially when spring arrives. With air conditioning, there will be fewer allergic reactions.

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If the temperature remains within the advised parameters, the air quality in the office, shop, factory or workshop and the respiratory problems of the workers will be reduced. Remember that the recommended temperature for air conditioning in summer is 24 degrees.

In conclusion, an air conditioning system ensures that the staff will work better, take fewer breaks, enjoy greater comfort and have a better mood, which will lead to the workers performing better and producing more. In facto, as we have seen, buying an air conditioner is not an expense, it is an investment.