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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6.3KW Inverter Split System SRK63WKIT (Bronte)


Indoor Model: DXK21/SRK63ZRA-W
Outdoor Model: DXC21/SRC63ZRA-W

6.3KW Air Conditioner

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1. Self Clean Operation. The ‘self clean operation’ is operated for 2 hours after the unit has ceased normal operation. The indoor fan continues to operate on ultra low speed to dry the unit. This restricts the growth of mould. This feature can be selected on the remote control.
2. Allergen Clear System. The ‘Allergen Clear system’ suppresses the influence of the allergen caught by the filter by controlling the temperature and humidity.
3. Three Sensors. Control of room temperature and humidity is very important for people to live a comfortable life. Use of three sensors to control indoor temperature, indoor humidity and outdoor temperature enable the unit to obtain optimum air-conditioning.
4. Silicon-Coated PCB & Superior Corrosion Resistance. The printed circuit board of the outdoor unit is coated by silicon. The coating ensures longevity of the board in humid conditions. Furthermore, the base of the outdoor unit is hot dipped to provide superior corrosion and scratch resistance.


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Weight67 kg
Dimensions44 × 130 × 110 cm