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How to Make the Most of Your Air Conditioner this Summer Without Blowing the Budget

When summer comes to Redland Bay Airconditioning is a must for comfort. However, the moment you start blasting yourself with cold air, your electric bills can jump higher than you expect. Make smart choices this summer to stay cool without blowing your budget.

Seal up your home

Hot air leaking in and cold air leaking out undermines air conditioner efficiency. You want the summer heat to stay outside where it belongs so that the house remains cool without requiring the air conditioner to run on high all day.

Make your home more sound by filling in cracks, installing better insulation and taking steps to seal windows and doors. Use weather stripping and draft stoppers to prevent air from escaping through gaps. If your air conditioner is still running too much, consider getting a professional energy audit to identify hidden leaks.

Choose energy-efficient equipment

Cooling your home in Redland Bay with Airconditioning doesn’t cost as much if you use a unit designed to consume less power. Upgrading outdated equipment can save you money in the long run. Choose the right capacity for the type of cooling system you use to ensure the unit can cool the area without working overtime. Capacity for window units is measured in BTUs for a given number of square feet. Whole-house units use measurements in tons correlating to the square footage of your entire home.

Smarten up your thermostat

Window units need to be controlled manually, but whole-house air conditioners can be set with programmable or smart thermostats. Setting the temperature 10 to 15 degrees higher when you’re not home can save you as much as 10 percent on electricity every year. Use a programmable thermostat to set routines, or let a smart model learn your schedule. Another benefit of investing in smart home technology is the ability to control the temperature remotely so that the house is just the right temperature at all times.

Invest in better window coverings

Blinds and curtains block blazing sunlight and keep more of the cool air from your Redland Bay Airconditioning inside. Try thermal blackout curtains to shut out as much light as possible. Keep curtains closed in rooms you don’t use very much, and shut all the curtains in the house to maintain cooler temperatures if you’re going to be out for a long time.

Harness the power of the sun

Solar panels are a big investment, so how can they save you money on air conditioning? Solar power doesn’t cost anything to use once the panels are in place, so you can run your cooling unit entirely on the power of the sun without shelling out to the electric company. Determine how much power your air conditioner consumers each year, and use the solar production ratio of your region and the wattage generated by each solar panel to figure out how many panels you need. Get expert help if necessary to ensure proper installation and enjoy the full benefit of so